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Products and application

Construction industry

  • Self-adhesive surface protection foils during transport, storage or assembly of steel, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics, textile or glass.
  • Aluminium-bituminous tape for roof & gutter fixing, insulating and repair.
  • PE coated tape (duct tape) a multi-purpose textile s/a tape for fixing, joining, protecting, masking, wrappin, bundling or bonding.
  • Self-adhesive aluminium tape used in HEVAC applications.
  • Paper masking tapes for indoor and outdoor use.

Electrical engineering industry

  • Electrical insulation tapes on different carriers (PCV, polyester, fibre glass, acetate fibre, kapton®), available in all insulation classes.

Paper and printing industry

  • Single and double sided self-adhesive tapes, water soluble and not, used for manual or automatic splicing of paper rolls during the switch, as well as for joining the beginning and the end of a roll. Double sided tapes for photopolymer plate fixing during flexographic printing;
  • Pressure sensitive die cuts and labels mainly used by printing houses.

Automotive industry

  • Insulation tapes for wire bundling.
  • Paper masking tapes helpful during lacquering in a wide range of temperatures (up to 60°C, 80°C, 120°C).
  • Double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes in rolls or die cuts used for fixing of labels, guardrails and mirrors in the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Single-sided insulation foam tapes.
  • Adhesive and non-adhesive hook & loop fasteners in rolls or die cuts.
  • Protective foils used to secure parts, car body areas or windows in paint shops.

Advertising industry

  • Sign Writing and Stencil Mask Tapes for Truck Curtains-Exhibition Displays.
  • Quick and problem free when use either CAD/CAM cutting plotters or manual techniques.
  • Double-sided tapes are the rational alternative for fixing and assembly of various substrates like ABS, PCW, PE, metal, glass, stone, wood or paper.
  • Double-sided foamed acrylic tape (VST - Very Strong Tape) bonds to a wide variety of substrates giving practically invisible fixing, quick to use, clean and safe. Used in traffic signs, letter signs, illuminated signs etc.
  • Hook & Loop systems for temporary bonding of substrates e.g. presentation stands, POS, etc. Self-adhesive or not. Die cuts.

Packaging industry

  • Tapes for secure closure of packages - security tape.
  • Double-sided bag sealing and foil bonding tapes.
  • Teflon tapes.
  • PP, PVC packaging tapes.
  • Strapping and fibber glass reinforced tapes.